Lucky Patcher iOS App : Download Lucky Patcher for iPhone 5 6 7 Plus

Lucky Patcher iOS : Hey Guys !! We are back with a new guide related to Lucky Patcher iOS App. Most of you want to use this Lucky Patcher application on your Apple or iOS devices. You might be looking for a suitable page to solve all your queries on using this application on the iOS devices. As it is known that these days everybody owes a Smartphone which has partially become a part of our life. We use Smartphone and run various applications on it. It is very often that we encounter with the advertisements or any other License agreements while using apps on the device. For this issues, the ultimate solution is the Lucky Patcher. Here we will be providing the complete guide related to the Lucky Patcher Apk download and installations on the iOS devices. To know more details about the app don’t forget to scroll down.

What is Lucky Patcher iOS App for ?

Lucky patcher is a great Android application which let the user remove advertisements from Android and iOS apps, games, modify the permissions of different apps, bypass license verification of premium apps, backup downloaded apps and games etc. The user’s who wants to use all the features of the app should surely need a rooted device. Lucky patcher works by simply changing the app data of the apk file. With this simple step, the user can remove the ads and license agreements from the application.

Lucky Patcher Application

Lucky Patcher Application

As it is very common that user wants to use the amazing apps in the Play store whereas they need to purchase those apps. So, it is not always possible to make the in-app purchases and use the apps. It is also not possible to use the apps for free. To solve all these issues, the one and only solution is to install the Lucky Patcher application.

Lucky Patcher iOS features :

It is already known that this application is only for the Android devices and works perfectly on the Android OS. Apart from this there are many more techniques and hacking tools to Download and install this application on the iOS devices.  This works with a simple APK file which is mainly the AndroidManifest.XML file. It can be done manually through an Android SDK. For example, It removes the ads by removing the containers in which ads are displayed or by cutting off the internet connection of the app. Although it can be used to remove ads and license verification, Lucky patcher is unstable and to be used only as a last resort. It can cause data loss and corruption. It can also be installed on non-rooted devices also. The main features of the Lucky Patcher are given below:

  1. Lucky Patcher is completely free to download and use the app.
  2. It Removes annoying ads from apps and games
  3. It also unlock paid apps and games
  4. Get full access to android device or apps
  5. User-friendly, user interfaces and very easy to use.
  6. Installing mods and applying patches is very easy and not complicated at all.
  7. Not only this but also if you want to give extra permissions to your apps then with the help of lucky patcher you can also give additional permissions.

The features of the application will insist the user desperately to install and download the app on your iOS devices. To use this app make sure that you have done this two methods which are either rooted or jailbreak the device.

Download the Lucky Patcher Apk for iOS

Download the Lucky Patcher Apk for iOS

Lucky Patcher for iOS : Download Lucky Patcher for iPhone 5 6 7 Plus

Are you searching for this app on play store ? It has not officially available on the play store so to install this app on the device what you have to make sure to download the apk of this application. Here are few steps to know how to install it on your iOS device.

  • Firstly, You need install the Lucky Patcher file on your iOS device.
  • To install lucky patcher on you iOS device you have to download another app called ipadian.The iPadian is an app for iOS which lets you download iOS apps from AppStore.
  • After downloading the iPadian the user needs to search for the Lucky Patcher app.
  • After searching the app now it is available on your device which you have to install it on their iOS device.
  • It will ask for permissions which you need to accept it from your settings.
  • Now the Lucky Patcher app has installed on your phone. You can also make in-app purchases for free and control the ads.

Now you can enjoy the Lucky patcher app which has successfully downloaded.

To remove the licenses of any app follow the step below:

Open lucky patcher>select the app you wanna remove permissions> click open menu of patches> remove license certification> auto mode> apply

After some time the app license will be removed.

To Remove ads of any app follow the step below:

Open lucky patcher> select the app> open menu of patches> remove google ads> apply.

It will take some time to apply the patches on the apps.

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